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A study together with Stitching Drio on the Erasmus + project OPIECE, in Endeck, Turkey, involving different teams on the problematic : ‘A child friendly street”. The proposal we are developing is inviting on all levels. Inviting transformation. Inviting professionals to add to the concept and inviting families and children to use it. The model should organize and structure the scattered and ragged edges of the site. There are two spheres’: the road and the plot. The colorful road with trees alongside should motivate cars to drive slowly.
We would like to call this playing- and working model “a trip around the world”. The colored pathway as centerpiece and binding element joins all the smaller areas together. Inside and outside themes can find a spot. A studie together with Drio Stitching on the Erasmus project in Endeck, Turkey, involving different teams on this problematic : ‘A child friendly street”

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studie Turkije
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